Malicious Spyware Targets Children 

Spyware needs to find a way onto your computer. To make it easier, unscrupulous web sites will target youth. Children are more likely to trust a web site offering "free" Smilies, Icons, Internet Helpers, Browser Buddies, Power Bars, computer enhancement tools, or "needed" free software to view the site.

A banner ad that pops up telling anyone that their computer is running too slow and that they should install the "free" tool to speed it up, is hard to ignore. 

Web sites preying on children are growing in number and are, in most cases, just a front to force their malicious software on to your computer - but it doesn't stop there. These people have also found unique and intrusive means of targeting adults as well. There are even some "anti-spyware" programs that will always detect spyware and pretend to remove it, while at the same time bringing popup ads to your computers desktop - even when you are off line. And, they charge you for this service!

Just as you continue to protect your computer against viruses - so should you protect yourself against Malware - malicious intrusive software that invades your privacy and controls your computer. Maintain ownership of your computer with SpyCatcher - the world's premier Malware removal and protection software.